Autumn/Winter 2019 – Nkwo

IMG_20190427_155328_259.JPGAt the just concluded Arise Fashion Week 2019, artisanal fashion label, Nkwo, presented its Autumn/Winter 2019 Fashion Collection.

Unlike the sleek designs we saw from most designers who showcased at the event, Nkwo’s fashion collection was a jumble of different pieces of fabric. It was interesting and I really liked it because it was different.

IMG_20190427_155341_043.JPGIMG_20190427_155419_508.JPGMore interesting was the idea behind the collection. For the Nigerian brand, the impact that fashion has on the environment and the issue of recycling, are their focal point this year and from here on- a decision many fashion brands have taken up.

IMG_20190427_155352_267.JPGIMG_20190427_155436_019.JPGIMG_20190427_155408_328.JPGSo the brand tried something different, recreating standout fashion pieces from waste, leftover fabrics and upcycled jeans into a collection the brand calls PRETTY THINGS.

I personally think the collection is cool and arty and would make a lovely street style look.

  • Photo: @rezebonna

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