87 Origins

IMG_20190427_083115_654.JPG87 Origins is a Nigerian contemporary fashion brand based in Lagos, Nigeria. The brand offers women and men’s wear in what it describes as “understated and modern”.

IMG_20190427_083129_429.JPGIMG_20190427_083020_203.JPGIMG_20190427_083115_654.JPGIMG_20190427_083009_143.JPG87 Origins celebrated its 3rd anniversary yesterday and in anticipation of the event released a series of fashion pieces for its female and male customers.

IMG_20190427_082954_937.JPGIMG_20190427_082930_750.JPGThis new release includes gowns, skirts, blouses and fashion accessories for women. True to the brand’s self description, the new release of women’s wear is simple and has a high note of minimalist designs.

IMG_20190427_082941_992.JPGIMG_20190427_083033_975.JPGIMG_20190427_083059_258.JPGThe new fashion release, let’s the soft touches of color mixed with copper hues and burnt orange to speak for each piece. Among the select pieces offered here include a silk wrap jumpsuit, a safari inspired satin blouse and a buttoned-down linen wrap skirt.

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