From Catwalk to Work Wear: 5 Designers from the 2019 Arise Fashion Week 2019 we are coveting

There’s no end to the list of style and fashion ideas for casual wear. In fact, there are no rules. 

When it comes to work wear however, it’s a little bit tricky navigating from professional dress codes, general work wear codes and your free spirited, innovative style sense.
So, for this we sometimes need a little styling assistance and fashion inspiration to get through.

At the just concluded Arise Fashion Week 2019, some designers by their fashion collections provided us with some seamless, sophisticated styles for a chic, she-boss look. The 5 Designers from the 2019 Arise Fashion Week 2019 we are coveting their designs are:

1. Mwinda – Congolese fashion designer Joelle Ngolatsie, mixed powerful cuts and structure with feminine designs. The collection showcased by Mwinda was colorful, soft and free flowing. There was a lot to like here: a turquoise blue blazer with sheer sleeves and gold clasps as buttons, a yellow ruched bodice worn over a floral shirt and a sleek long-sleeved grey toned gown.


2. Mmuso Maxwell – Mmuso Maxwell taught us that colors work well together if picked right. We saw the designer apply color blocking in a fearless, efficient way. A golden yellow two piece was worn underneath a multi colored long jacket. None of the colors masked the other’s shine but complimented it.



3. Bridget Awosika – Of the five designers, Bridget Awosika offered more options in terms of everyday work wear but with an upgrade. Loud green is our go-to color for a defining entrance.


4. WUMAN – if you want a look that says extra without being too loud, Wuman’s collection on Day 2 of AFW 2019 is all that and more. With a focus on African and Nigerian heritage, the collection brings artsy to the work table, combining sleek, sophisticated lines and silhouettes with traditional African symbols and images.


5. Turfah – With our choices from Turfah’s presentation, you don’t need an Owambe party to be loud and extra. I think that Turfah’s pieces if worn as work wear is the ultimate choice for the office. Yes, the colors are bright, yes there are cold shoulders involved, and yes there are ruffles too but it’s different, feminine, beautiful and its about time the world takes a closer look at the beautiful woman that you are.



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