Sima Brew’s Desire Collection

IMG_20190430_164311_192.JPGSima Brew is famous for her bridal wears. The fact that she swings the traditional white bridal wear with African traditional bridal wear in enriched, innovative styles is one of her major fashion and style points.

IMG_20190430_164941_942.JPGIMG_20190430_164929_618.JPGIMG_20190430_164919_075.JPGIMG_20190430_164950_999.JPGIMG_20190430_164908_342.JPGThe Ghanaian fashion designer is delivering on a new collection with finer and more polished details and designs. The new collection, Desire Collection, is birthed from an experience and awareness of the needs and expectations of today’s brides.

IMG_20190430_164334_329.JPGIMG_20190430_164845_532.JPGIMG_20190430_165139_566.JPGIMG_20190430_165129_700.JPGIMG_20190430_165148_887.JPGFor Sima Brew, the collection which features strapless, floor-length gowns with lace applique details, beading, embroidery and structured designs “reflect the exclusivity and authenticity of Sima Brew in every detail “.


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