Dear George

IMG_20190505_000106_710.JPG“Dear George”Β  is Ituen Basi’s collection presented at the Arise Fashion Week 2019. Unlike the affectionate title given to this collection, the collection is anything but that. It speaks of colors, style, affirmations of self independence, self worth, positivity and financial freedom.

IMG_20190505_000055_162.JPGIMG_20190505_000215_718.JPGIMG_20190505_000038_980.JPGIMG_20190505_000310_420.JPGIMG_20190505_000257_732.JPGThe collection which comprises khaki inspired puffy jackets, knitted skirts, sheer blouses and a heavy dose of prints was accompanied at the event with fashion extraordinaire accessories in the form of bucket bags, floral headpieces, long string earrings and African inspired waist skirts made from strung fabrics and beads.

IMG_20190505_000027_779.JPGIMG_20190505_000017_139.JPGIMG_20190505_000322_763.JPGIMG_20190505_000230_525.JPGIMG_20190505_000246_919.JPGIMG_20190505_000349_400.JPGIMG_20190505_000400_462.JPGIMG_20190505_000155_451.JPGIMG_20190505_000333_027.JPGI think that with this collection, the Lagos based Nigerian designer portrays the independent, unbound woman effortlessly. No cuffs, no strings, no wahala; just a simple, fun loving, confident woman.

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