The Nomadic Collection

mafi-mafi-5-696x696.jpgThis collection matches comfort to style, athletisure,to kung-fu inspiration. I like that pieces from the collection are designed to be free and cut in such a way that it allows for free flow of air. Instead of flats and sneakers, I think of six inch silver strap heels as perfect accompanying footwear for each look in this collection.

mafi-mafi-8-696x696.jpgmafi-mafi-2-696x696.jpgmafi-mafi-1-696x696.jpgThis collection is called the Nomadic Collection. It is by Ethiopian fashion brand Mafi Mafi.

IMG_20190512_222945_595.JPGmafi-mafi-3-696x696.jpgmafi-mafi-6-696x696.jpgAptly named, the Nomadic is Mafi Mafi’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection. It comprises of wrap skirts and dresses, vests and shorts, palazzo pants and button down shirt dresses all hand woven by female weavers in Ethiopia.

Alongside creating comfort, Mafi Mafi makes it simple in cotton with design details that include sheer, stripes in baby pink and black, waist belts and assymetrical necklines.

mafi-mafi-4-696x696.jpgmafi-mafi-696x370.jpgThis new collection was designed and crafted in line with the brand’s zero waste, sustainable fashion policy.

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