IMG_20190519_214643_067MAJU is a women’s fashion brand and online clothing store that offers luxury, trendy women’s wear.
The clothing brand teamed up with Anaere Daniella and Hillz Ese Amros of Beth Model Management, to promote its new releases in a fun editorial.

IMG_20190519_160619_791.JPGIMG_20190519_160436_901.JPGIMG_20190519_160459_304.JPGIMG_20190519_160945_081.JPGIMG_20190519_160829_021.JPGIMG_20190519_160421_642.JPGThe new release include the Zazie shirt dresses complete with flared long sleeves and a bow, the urban chic polka dot Lucy blouse, the sassy animal print Gisela blouse worn with the Aubrey skirt and a pair of white sneakers for comfort, and the sophisticated white Mila shirt with the Brianna skirt.

IMG_20190519_160914_992.JPGIMG_20190519_160905_931.JPGIMG_20190519_160956_920.JPGIMG_20190519_155900_511.JPGIMG_20190519_160809_177.JPGIMG_20190519_160746_558.JPGIMG_20190519_160817_971.JPGIMG_20190519_160837_911.JPGIMG_20190519_160800_609.JPGIMG_20190519_160934_969.JPGIMG_20190519_160727_201.JPGIMG_20190519_160510_753.JPGIMG_20190519_160659_367.JPGIMG_20190519_160848_405.JPGTo watch out for is the line of waist halter bags, small round bags and small tote bags.

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