The new Ulyana Sergeenko 2019 Summer Collection

IMG_20190519_161433_480.JPGI remember when I first started out with this Hauz, Ulyana Sergeenko was one of the first designers that I discovered outside of my fashion and designer 101 personal lessons on Vogue.

The Moscow based designer brings a different kind of romance to his clothing that you don’t forget; it is subtle, warm, embracing and has always sort of shown me what Shakespeare’s Vienna would have looked like.

IMG_20190519_161304_776.JPGIMG_20190519_161325_626.JPGIMG_20190519_161517_356.JPGIMG_20190519_161242_795.JPGThis is the same for me in this new collection. There’s that same romance and fairy tale in this collection, but also Ulyana Sergeenko makes the modern ‘mini-‘ the focal point. The vibrant prints are present, with the Queen Anne neckline, fitted waists and flowing skirts, aprons but the micro-mini length is the luxury fashion designer’s coming of age. We also find double-breasted power blazers also in micro-mini lengths, sheer panel details and cropped blouses.

This collection fits well into every girl’s daily summer wardrobe.


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