IMG_20190530_191118_243.JPGGëto launched it’s first collection a few days ago. I tried researching on the brand but couldn’t get much. In this collection, the brand has given us so much more than we can expect from a budding clothing brand.

Comprising of cool colors and ambitious yet trendy style, the collection effortlessly defines funk and fashionable with pieces that are quickly on the top of our list of fashion hits.

The clothing brand ditched utilitarian and functional themes to dwell on fun and interesting, a concept that appeals to today’s youth.

IMG_20190530_190933_766.JPGtumblr_ps4pwjnrBr1yof8l6o2_400.jpgtumblr_ps4pf15TQ31yof8l6o1_400.jpgIMG_20190530_191142_225.JPGtumblr_ps4obexcUy1yof8l6o1_400.jpgtumblr_ps4pwjnrBr1yof8l6o1_400.jpgIMG_20190530_191130_058.JPGtumblr_ps5oxqPFTk1yof8l6o1_400.jpgtumblr_ps4p2n4d4e1yof8l6o1_400.jpgtumblr_ps4oy6VGOU1yof8l6o1_400.jpgtumblr_ps4oy6VGOU1yof8l6o2_400.jpgIMG_20190530_190916_875.JPGIMG_20190530_191055_498.JPGtumblr_ps4pf15TQ31yof8l6o2_400.jpgtumblr_ps4pobrkIt1yof8l6o1_400.jpgIMG_20190530_190950_356.JPGThere’s much to see here and very much to appreciate. The collection is artsy, fun, colorful, groovy and among my list of best ‘newly discovered’ fashion designers.

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