Color My Day In ARISAR

IMG_20190606_153629_104.JPGIts been raining since yesterday, and everywhere is bleak and wet. Coupled with the monotony of my work, it is as cheerless as you can imagine.
When I first saw ARISAR’s color-explosive, new line of maxi and mini kaftans, I felt like the sun was at my window saying “You are welcome to Yankari Game Reserve” 🙂.

IMG_20190606_153716_720.JPGIMG_20190606_153501_627.JPGIMG_20190606_153509_954.JPGARISAR’s latest pieces are all comfort, perfectly beautiful, stylish, sandy beaches, long walks, sunny days, cool breeze and fresh palm wine.
The retail store offers “a one size fits most” for each of the pieces. There are off shoulders, halter necks, deep plunging v-necks, backless gowns in a variety of kaftans that are fashionable and colorful.

IMG_20190606_153352_278.JPGIMG_20190606_153726_131.JPGIMG_20190606_153645_092.JPGIMG_20190606_153736_428.JPGIMG_20190606_153453_475.JPGIMG_20190606_153656_759.JPGIMG_20190606_153750_240.JPGIMG_20190606_153618_166.JPGIMG_20190606_153441_119.JPGIMG_20190606_153414_640.JPGIMG_20190606_153425_700.JPGPhotographed by @shaneleacock and, modeled by Kamilah Ellis and Nikki. W., ARISAR assures that while you are comfortable, you will look amazing in these pieces.

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