Fashion Discoveries: Inocencia Bucket Bag

Inocencia-Bag-2-1-600x600.jpgThe Inocencia Bucket Bag is a beautifully crafted bucket bag made from Macrame yarn and Crochet thread carefully and delicately woven by Colombian women.

Banner-Bags3-731x1024 (1).jpgInocencia-Bag-1-1.jpgDesigned and made by Noi Stores, a Houston, Texas based fashion store, the bucket bag is in a line of carefully hand crafted crochet bags that includes, the Guaimaral bag, the Cinera Bag, and the Zulia bag. The bag features hand-painted orchids, a drawstring with tassel ends and shoulder straps.

IMG_20190610_224225_379.JPGIMG_20190610_224237_140.JPGAccording to Noi Stores, the Inocencia Bucket Bag is inspired by the childhood of legendary Colombian princess, Princess Zulia. It is designed to reflect the beauty and warmth of Colombian women, extolling the values of the nobility and tenderness that characterize them.

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