Cilo Collection – 1964 Brand

IMG_20190610_185311_672.JPGThe 1964 Brand is a Nigerian fashion brand that promises effortless style for the modern woman.

IMG_20190610_185235_355.JPGIMG_20190610_185250_331.JPGIMG_20190610_185302_348.JPGIMG_20190612_230130_479.JPGIMG_20190610_185322_775.JPGThe brand’s new collection, the Cilo collection comprises of basically dresses that are versatile, comfortable and “can be easily switched up from work to play”. We find maxi dresses that can be worn and styled to suit personal tastes.

IMG_20190610_185225_539.JPGIMG_20190610_185406_833.JPGIMG_20190610_185427_753.JPGIMG_20190610_185335_549.JPGIMG_20190610_185346_706.JPGIMG_20190610_185418_563.JPGIMG_20190610_185356_613.JPGIMG_20190610_185215_757.JPGI like the wide range of stripes clothing in the Cilo collection, especially the Yang dress; a white and blue stripes maxi beauty, mandarin collar and a matching belt.

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