Our Woman by Christie Brown

IMG_20190610_185040_042.JPGChristie Brown’s new fashion collection is called Our Woman. Tagged “a modern sophistication”, the Ghanaian women’s wear luxury fashion brand further describes its SS19 collection as quintessentially Christie Brown, and a collection that captures and affirms the DNA of the brand.

IMG_20190610_185100_213.JPGIMG_20190612_230152_078.JPGIMG_20190610_185121_743.JPGThis is true. In the Our Woman’s collection, Christie Brown provides sophistication and elegance that reminds us of the uniqueness and style of the 1950s.
In the collection, we find waistlines that are defined by belts and stylishly constructed corsets, slimmed down A-line skirts, fashionable jackets and layers of chiffon. We are reminded that this collection is however for today’s woman, through the visible bralets worn under jackets, the sheer fabrics and nude illusions.

IMG_20190610_185112_389.JPGIMG_20190610_185132_159.JPGIMG_20190610_185049_391.JPGIMG_20190610_185143_318.JPGThe reason Christie Brown stands out, is how the brand is able to not only play with Ankara and African fabrics, but also the brand’s ability to fuse it with other fabrics that is always truly unique and captivating. There’s a magic spun by Christie Brown that leaves us forever spell bound.

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