8 Nigerian Bag Designers You Need to Know

While you know the designer names Hermès, Chloe, D&G, Dolce, Céline and more, pay attention to these Nigerian Bag Designer names that are guaranteed to have you toting with class. 

Pronounced /Aa-Boo/.

IMG_20190624_193129_131.JPGAABOUX is a Nigerian fashion accessory brand that produces luxurious, high quality leather bags. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, AABOUX bags are designed and handcrafted there too.
AABOUX bags feature minimalist designs but bank highly on the smoothest textures and best quality.


2. Maliko Studio
Maliko Studio’s is your go-to brand for timeless, durable fashion accessories.


It’s line of wood crafted bags are a mixture of art and style, a necessity for when you want to stand out. The bags are unique and authentic, and come in different shapes and sizes. Burnished brown never looked so fabulous.

3. Wanni Fuga
De Lovet is a Wanni Fuga ‘one of a kind’. The Nigerian brand is mainly a women’s wear clothing brand. I guess that in testing the waters, they inadvertently designed the mini-sized, attention-grabging De Lovet bags.


4. Marté Egele

IMG_20190624_193335_027.JPGMarté Egele is a Nigerian fashion accessory brand that has proudly gone international. The brand designs special, refined handbags that are easy to fall in love with. Marté Egele recognizes every girl’s love for color and presents this love one colorful, sophisticated bag at a time.


5. Thoche
When you need to match your Ankara, it’s Thoche that you go to. A must-have closet addition, Thoche regenerates the classic designs that we love in our bags to stunning pieces of Ankara and African print bags. Thoche is the proper Africa.


6. Totes Patchie
Totes Patchie sends love from Calabar.

IMG_20190624_193652_630.JPGThe Nigerian brand is all for totes in customized designs. For Totes Patchie, a bag is comfortable, slay able and functional.

The brand designs bags, purses that let you have your imprint on it: a favorite word or expression, a totem, signature or name.


7. Reola

IMG_20190624_193558_186.JPGReola recently released a collection called the “Wildlife Collection”. The brand is famous for its line of chic, stylish bags. The aim of Reola is to “put a positive spotlight on Nigeria”. You do that too when you carry a Reola bag 😉.



8. Zashadu
Zashadu’s waist bag are among my favorites of the brand’s pieces. Zashadu waist bags are snug, stylish and super easy to carry. It has pockets that ensure all your carry ons (lipstick, powder, keys, purse etc etc) are all in one place.

IMG_20190624_193452_780.JPGIMG_20190624_193504_717.JPGZashadu’s embossed leather designs are one of a kind, and mixed with the never-ending, twirling color mixes is a perfect match for your style.


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