A Fashion Collection For Young Girls – Neka Youth SS19

12 years old Alanis Neka Nwadire has inherited a wealth of fashion knowledge from her designer parent and sibling.

Growing up under the influence of a family of reputable African fashion design names Iconic Invanity and DNA by Iconic Invanity, Alanis knew what she wanted to do at the age of 9 – start her on fashion label designed exclusively for young girls.

Neka Youth was born in 2018 and had its debut that same year at the Lagos Fashion Week.

IMG_20190629_102622_563.JPGIMG_20190629_102550_839.JPGIMG_20190629_102536_689.JPGIMG_20190629_102525_573.JPGThe brand’s signature feature is its use of locally handmade Adire prints in bright colors.
A friendly, fun and stylish approach to fashion for young teens, we see in the brand’s Spring/Summer 2019 a subtle transition from the shy innocence of childhood to a coming of age of a confident young woman.

IMG_20190629_102437_622.JPGIMG_20190629_102451_209.JPGIMG_20190629_102514_252.JPGIMG_20190629_102634_537.JPGIMG_20190629_102425_950.JPGIMG_20190629_102503_362.JPGAlanis Nwadire’s latest collection features playful jumpsuits and shorts worn over sleeveless blouses to maxi dresses with cutouts, cold shoulders and frills.

For Alanis, it is more than just fashion, Neka Youth is about community, family, culture and heritage.

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