Rosie Asoulin Resort 2020


It’s interesting how fashion shows and collections for different years run side by side. Fall/Winter for some, Spring/Summer there and an anticipation of what fashion and style will be in the years to come.

IMG_20190703_071947_502.JPGIMG_20190703_072038_116.JPGIMG_20190703_071732_059.JPGIMG_20190703_072135_663.JPGIMG_20190703_071857_514.JPGIMG_20190703_071902_967.JPGIMG_20190703_071815_729.JPGIMG_20190703_071846_967.JPGIMG_20190703_072104_752.JPGIMG_20190703_071851_944.JPGIMG_20190703_072029_038.JPGRosie Asoulin presents a Resort Collection for 2020 and it’s not avant-garde or tech. It’s a beautiful, elegant presentation of floral motifs and hand-painted art impressions on cotton, tweed and jacquard.

IMG_20190703_071801_688.JPGIMG_20190703_071811_035.JPGIMG_20190703_071829_717.JPGIMG_20190703_071825_337.JPGIMG_20190703_072051_278.JPGIMG_20190703_071749_766.JPGIMG_20190703_071744_158.JPGIMG_20190703_072117_778.JPGIMG_20190703_071835_235.JPGIMG_20190703_072059_323.JPGIMG_20190703_072024_512.JPGIMG_20190703_071938_352.JPGIMG_20190703_071908_654.JPGIMG_20190703_071737_843.JPGIMG_20190703_071806_665.JPGIMG_20190703_071725_562.JPGIMG_20190703_071922_202.JPGIMG_20190703_071721_465.JPGIMG_20190703_071712_173.JPGIMG_20190703_072033_821.JPGIMG_20190703_071820_907.JPGIMG_20190703_071955_866.JPGIMG_20190703_072044_247.JPGIMG_20190703_072108_990.JPGIMG_20190703_071756_470.JPGIMG_20190703_071932_988.JPGThe Resort Collection presents clothing that ranges from dressy in a black spaghetti strap gown with cut-out sleeves worn with a black leather belt, to easy and relaxed in a pinstriped maxi dress with bishop sleeves, bossy in a dark tweed jacket and matching palazzo inspired pants and a classy look in an orange cold shoulder blouse worn with a khaki colored skirt.

According to Moda, Rosie Asoulin presents a Resort Collection for the “stylish woman”.

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