The Muse Factory – Spring/Summer 2019

IMG_20190708_145320_600.JPGLast year, The Muse Factory’s Xenia blouse from its Spring/Summer 2018 collection was the fashion must-have of the year and held that position to the first few months of 2019.

IMG_20190708_145050_418.JPGIMG_20190708_145110_916.JPGIMG_20190708_144619_899.JPGIMG_20190708_144922_657.JPGIMG_20190708_145122_772.JPGIMG_20190708_145100_802.JPGIMG_20190708_144952_947.JPGIMG_20190708_144648_959.JPGThis year, the Nigerian brand true to its essence delivers ‘more’ in its Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Luminous.
A collection of vibrant colors, free flowing pieces and flattering silhouettes, Luminous is the every woman’s collection for a sophisticated and unique look.

IMG_20190708_145420_493.JPGIMG_20190708_145333_991.JPGIMG_20190708_144909_471.JPGIMG_20190708_144856_144.JPGIMG_20190708_145133_245.JPGIMG_20190708_144638_467.JPGIMG_20190708_144809_141.JPGFrom the pleated golden panel skirts to the sheer pumpkin orange blouse with bubble sleeves and tassels, to the multi-colored pinstriped set, the Luminous collection is designed to leave unforgettable impressions.


The collection was photographed by Nigerian fashion photographer, Salvador Lateef @lasalvy and modeled by @aworomayowa.

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