Ralph and Russo Autumn Winter 2019/2020

IMG_20190708_163432_631.JPGI remember years ago when our sitting governments sang vision 2020; now it’s less than six months away, the year 2020 and there are litanies of unkept promises. It seems fashion houses are the only ones preparing for and fulfilling their vision for the year 2020.

Ralph and Russo recently showcased a spectacular, dream catwalk of its new Autumn Winter 2019/2020 Collection in Paris.

IMG_20190708_163547_725.JPGIMG_20190708_163916_390.JPGIMG_20190708_163654_617.JPGIMG_20190708_163557_410.JPGIMG_20190708_164118_732.JPGIMG_20190708_163537_615.JPGSet in the historic garden of the Rue de Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, models walked down a 90-metre spotless white runway wearing tiers of tulle, silk, satin, organza, in the most stylish and ethereal of designs.

IMG_20190708_163941_291.JPGIMG_20190708_163953_788.JPGIMG_20190708_163507_116.JPGIMG_20190708_164057_581.JPGIMG_20190708_164127_804.JPGIMG_20190708_164007_314.JPGIMG_20190708_164048_131.JPGAdorned with strings of pearls, sequins, ostrich feathers, ruby red crystals, pleated tulle ruffles, azore glass beads and droplet stones, Ralph and Russo’s Autumn Winter 2019/2020 Collection was a timeless, beautiful haute couture show.

IMG_20190708_163432_631.JPGIMG_20190708_163442_803.JPGIMG_20190708_163612_988.JPGIMG_20190708_164019_763.JPGIMG_20190708_164137_717.JPGIMG_20190708_164039_113.JPGIMG_20190708_163456_328.JPGIMG_20190708_163635_322.JPGIMG_20190708_164057_581.JPGThe collection is inspired by the 1930s and according to the brand “the majestic opulence of the Art Deco era”. The collection features ballgowns, high neck asymmetrical gowns, halter neck and cocktail dresses and one of my favorites, an eye catching floral mini dress with floor sweeping sashes and bow detailing.

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