Wearable Arts by ADM PROJECTS


ADM PROJECTS is a fashion company that creates made in Africa clothing for men and women. The extra interesting thing about ADM PROJECTS is that the company creates wearable arts that are fashionable, stylish and fun wear.

IMG_20190716_192231_430.JPGIMG_20190716_192202_820.JPGIMG_20190716_192318_474.JPGLike the yellow shirt dress with a pleated half skirt layer that is comprised in the brand’s Praying Hand Collection, ADM PROJECTS love for African arts, symbols and motifs is evident in it’s wears.

IMG_20190716_192331_663.JPGIMG_20190716_192131_673.JPGIMG_20190716_192400_059.JPGIMG_20190716_192117_835.JPGIMG_20190716_192102_337.JPGIMG_20190716_192146_395.JPGIMG_20190716_192347_621.JPGIMG_20190716_192257_100.JPGThe brand’s clothing are easy, ready to wear pieces that can be worn alone or paired with another clothing. You don’t need too much to stand out, the African women selling grains and balls of food will help you stand out.

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