Unofficial Ankara Wear Days


IMG_20190718_192355_262.JPGThe unofficial wear days for Ankara in some African countries are Fridays and Sundays. Sundays because in some countries like Nigeria it is an unwritten rule to wear Ankara to church, and Fridays because it’s the one day of the weekday where (1) you probably don’t have any more ironed clothes (2) you are confused about what to wear and your mind is tired from the stress of Monday through Thursday or, (3) your tailor has just finished an owambe clean look that you just have to launch.
Here, we are just going to go through some of the work appropriate Ankara looks we wish our tailors made us 😱.

The Dress Up


Precious Threads by Abiola


Becca Apparel


Sista by Eyoro


Andrea Iyamah


Christie Brown


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