How to wear long skirts.


I once showed some young female students a picture of a long wide skirt and they asked me where they would wear it to. I work in a University environment and for a lot of young women there, the idea of “cool” fashion includes tight jeans, tight blouses, shorts and tight skirts.

Long wide skirts are often wrongly termed modest wear, unflattering clothing or uncool fashion. But honestly, anyone can wear them well.


So how do you dress this longstanding “unpopular” fashion item in 2019?
Footwear, upper clothing and accessories.

My most important tip to owning a long wide skirt is to ditch heels and go for flattering statement sandals, flats or sneakers.

Most people wear this skirt with a body-hugging blouse. For a more stylish look and comfy vibe, I recommend a loose logo tee shirt. I mean what’s the harm in matching big with big?


Statement accessories are important Let your handbag, your purse, your school bag, sunglasses or earrings, be the fashion item that highlights the skirt. In this case, it’s not the makeup that does the talking, it’s the accessories that draw attention to your style.

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