From A Naija Point Of View – Stylish Picks for Summer

As August comes to a close and we are nearing September, the first month of the ‘mber months, here are the select fashion items to spice up your summer wardrobe.

From Mobos Fashion’s floral designs to Zashadu’s architectural masterpiece to Wanna Sambo’s chic office wear and statement pieces from Tiffeny for MISKAY, Nigerian fashion designers and fashion retailers are here for you.

Wanna Sambo


Zashadu has its office in Victoria Island, Lagos at 22 Adeleke St. Off Kofo Aboyomi. The designer’s red clutch bag is legit Summer chic.


Diva Nista is a Nigerian fashion entrepreneur with the most stylish heels. What will you wear this color-block strap sandals?


What would you do without jewelry? Answer that question in a pair of gold chandelier earrings by Tiffeny for MISKAY. Their store is right round the corner at 13 Emma Abimbola Cole, Lekki.


Summer equals florals and Mobos Fashion designs clothings that help you look your best.


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