Visiting Nigeria? These are some fabrics you will find in our local markets


You haven’t had a true Nigerian experience, if you haven’t visited our markets. The bustle, local languages, calls from sellers and barrow pushers, the smells and sights are a school of their own. And of course, the clothing sections with stores of blue bulbs, wooden seats and shelves bearing lace samples, george, wax, Ankara and more are a sight.


You already know Ankara but there’s so much more about African fabrics you may not know. Here we will walk you through our many fabrics, from the local Adire, An’ger and Aso Óké to the lace and wax, let’s get you schooled.

The most popular African print. Within the geometric, floral and animal motifs, is an internationally known fabric that represents Africa. Ankara fabrics are one of the most popular fabrics in Nigerian markets.


Adire is a locally made fabric. Made by Yoruba women from Southern Nigeria, the Adire has a rich cultural heritage. It is beautiful, durable and it can be made into any style.


Lace is a popular Nigerian fabric. They are not usually made in Nigeria fabrics. For big events like weddings, represent in Lace.


Aso Óké is made from a mix of cotton, silk and metallic yarn. My earliest knowledge of fabrics came from the Aso Óké. Gele and Agbada are made from Aso Óké.


There’s a style of men’s clothing that is called The Senator. The Atiku fabric is used to make The Senator. You don’t need to worry, Senators are also designed and sewn for women.


The An’ger Fabric comes from the Tiv people of Benue state. You won’t find it in every market but if you find it, you have found a good thing 🎶 .


Kente is a Ghanaian fabric also found that in our markets. It has colorful designs and motifs and is popular among the youths.

There are many more names and options depending on the style, design. The local tailors, artisans and sellers are a wealth of knowledge depending on the type of occasion you are attending.

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