Nigerian Cosmetic Brands You Should Know

Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Chika Ike launched an eponymous cosmetic brand in August this year. Chika Cosmetics opened with a collection called the Bloom Edition, a collection of liquid matte lipsticks and eye shadow pallets.


Chika Cosmetics is not the only cosmetic brand in Nigeria. With the rise of the makeup industry all across the world, beauty, makeup and cosmetics has taken the forefront leading to a growth of indigenous cosmetic brands. Cosmetic brands like the House of Tara has long dominated the beauty scene in Nigeria; however these companies are witnessing strong competition, albeit healthy ones from other brands.

These are some strong indigenous cosmetic brands in Nigeria.

  1. Zikel Cosmetic

I first heard of Zikel from my twin sister. Back then, the only name I knew was House of Tara. Zikel Cosmetic is a major cosmetic brand with stores and supplies all over Nigeria. The brand’s products include eyelashes, powders, lipsticks, eye shadow, foundations, concealers and more.

  1. Fallie Cosmetics

Fallie Cosmetics provides products for hair, makeup and skin care. Among its makeup products, it’s range of matte lipsticks are the most popular, very pigmented, long lasting and consist of colors that are easy to fall in love with.

  1. Flawless Ivy Cosmetics

Like all the brands mentioned here, Flawless Ivy is a complete package with a velvety texture, long lasting coverage and smooth, no caking finish. The brand produces powders, concealers, eyelashes and many other beauty products.

  1. Avour Cosmetics

Avour Cosmetics is dedicated to beauty, cosmetics and personal care. The brand carters to every part of the body ensuring a smooth 24 hours coverage and skin protection.

  1. Taos Beauty Brand

When it comes to design and packaging, I think Taos Beauty Brand delivers πŸ’―. The small lube plastic bottles, eye shadow pallette packs are an art of its own. But it’s not just the exterior, Taos products are as good as any and always improving to deliver more to all the fine ladies and gents.

  1. Fayre Gold and Helen C Cosmetics

Fayre Gold and Helen C is a long name but it is proudly Nigerian, proudly matte, proudly flawless, proudly creamy texture, proudly all skin tone products, proudly consists of everything you need from a cosmetic brand.

  1. House of Tara

House of Tara is a Nigerian household name. Before you length to neatly pluck your eyebrow, it stood proudly in a pink colored building next to your house. The brand pioneered makeup classes and was among the first beauty brands to establish a makeup academy. House of Tara is doing even more with its products to ensure that customers get the best beauty experience.

  1. Chika Cosmetics

Chika Cosmetics launched on August 28, 2019. It’s the baby of the house but no, not the least. It’s founder Chika Ike has been in the eye of makeup, fashion, style and glamour since her career as a Nollywood actress sprang off, suffice to say the actress has gained a lot of experience. Chika Cosmetics launched with the Bloom Collection that consists of amazing 18 colors eyeshadow pallette and a 12 vibrant color liquid matte lipstick.

What cosmetic brand are you currently using and which Nigerian brand will you recommend?

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