Words and my Manolo Blahnik moment.


A lot of the time, I look at a collection and think ‘how do I describe this?` Is the collection practical, functional; did the designer think of my body type, is it something I can wear; does it make me dreamy, imagining all the place I can wear them to; is it appropriate for the streets of Enugu, can I wear them to work? Most of the time, I don’t have the words fashion people are known to use.

For instance, I didn’t know that the term minaudiere was another word for a clutch purse “generally considered a jewelry piece”, neither can I tell some fabrics apart. I get to talk about these things every time I am here. These are the things I love and share with you and I lack the words and knowledge to describe them.
Last night, I saw the 2019 movie Late Night and I recognized a pair of black Manolo Blahnik heels worn by Katherine Newbury (played by Emma Thompson). It made my night! I kept repeating Manolo, Manolo like I was cramming for an exam β˜•β˜•.

I think that this write up just basically reminds me of why I am here, because of moments like last night when I get a shoe designer’s name right and because fashion is just not plain but extraordinarily beautiful, exciting and interesting.

I loved Emma Thompson’s line up of powersuits, her sleeked back curly hair, the loose sleevless cardigan with epaulets and I love how the costume designer Mitchell Travers makes Katherine a style status symbol for the millenials.

So although half the time I lack the fashion vocabulary to describe collections, clothing, accessories and all that come with fashion and style, but they are undisputedly the veritable love of my life.

veritable = true; genius
Manolo Blahnik = shoe designer I recognized

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