Is “Sustainable Fashion” a hype or an achievable goal?

The idea to go green has taken over discussions all over the world. From recycling paper to conserving water, protecting forests and promoting responsible use of resources, the ‘green’ has gone from talk to real practices.

In the fashion industry, fashion labels and designers are promoting sustainable fashion, recycling and a general eco-consciousness. But are these real statements or just marketing strategies?

Business of Fashion has brought the question of sustainable fashion to the open. The News and Media Website addresses the question “There is no such thing as sustainable fashion?”
For some labels like Asket, sustainable fashion may mean producing less, encouraging people to consume less, foregoing seasonal releases to discourage consumerism and repurposing unused fabrics.

Yeezy biodegradable shoes made of algae from ponds

But are fashion labels doing more, what do you think? How do you think your spending can help boost an eco-friendly environment?

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