What Black Can Do

This post is for my elder sister. She’s always asking, ‘what can black do, what can black wear? ‘ that most times, I get this expression 😩 on my face.

The truth is that most dark women are unaware that the age of moderation in fashion is long gone for people of color; color mixes that are as bright as the rainbow can be worn in one outfit and you can choose to go bare or no. I think not just for her, even for me, there are comfort zones that we dare not leave (but it’s all in our head).

So this post is dedicated to the black skin girl, and brown too, who is afraid to wear yellow. Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, there are plenty fashion inspirations for black women.

So, here’s my list of some of the wide range of things a black girl can do fashion wise.

  1. You can wear any hair color you want



  1. You can own white color, rock pink and rep in yellow and even black, or you can wear all of them at once and start a new trend


  1. Black nails are go-figure so are other colors too. 
  1. Your makeup can be as colorful as your personality or you can go naked in nude 😉


  1. Don’t be afraid to wear a tattoo if you want to. A good tattoo artist knows what will zen with your spirit.


  1. Any hairstyle will do.


These images do not belong to Belijose’s Fashion Hauz.

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