Budget Fashion Finds for the new Decade


New year resolution, represent in style!

But how is that possible with the very stringent economy and poor salary?


There are Nigerian online retail stores that are 💯 percent small budget and thrifts with the additional good gift of having incredible fashion finds.

From @shakara.fashion, @bags_on_a_budget, @divaonabudget_ng to @everything_thriftnaija, @thebudgetoutlet and many more, dressing up is possible without breaking the bank. The catch however is fastest fingers first, because the red stamp 🚫 of sold drops really fast on the items.

Because looking good is also an investment, there has to be the one accessory that makes all the difference. Invest in a good bag with @bags_on_a_budget
Why @thebudgetoutlet is on our radar is because they offer incredible co-ords at unbelievable prices.
With @DivaonaBudget you get clothing as low as N700 (naira). The budget friendly store is also a one stop store for all things fashionable.
@everything_thriftnaija, clothing is a bit on the high side for our purse but they are brand names. What do we say to our finances? Save up and buy one.
@shakara.fashion is one of the first stores I am visiting this coming year. Presentation is key and the store offers ideas on how to wear each look.


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