What does 2020 mean to you?


My life has been very busy that unlike others, I find it hard adjusting to the fact that I am in a new year.

Happy new year to you all and happy new year to me.

2019 was a difficult year for my family and for me. I found that I lost myself and my will. I lost my voice, lost hope and couldn’t fight. I felt life had beat me down to a pulp, that I had to cower to let the beatings stop. Everyday was a struggle and even where I had triumphs that were great, I was even more scared that it would be taken away from me.

But there was more than just the defeat and loss of purpose. Whoever said that “where there’s life, there’s hope” was not wrong. There was a flicker, and then a spark.
Through the fast spinning wheel, I grew and discovered a strength that I didn’t know was there. Feeling lost disappeared when I knew that I had my family, had love and friendship and a deep sense of knowledge that I had plenty to be thankful for.

Despite the difficulty year, I learnt kindness, contentment, found courage in my silence, learned to draw again, learnt that fear and strength can exit side by side, watched my hair grow inches longer, saw my sister walk, spent time with the man I love, watched my blog with anxiety and hope and got a PMP certificate.

What does 2020 mean to you?
New beginnings. Strengthening existing resolutions and relationships, doing better what I did good, knowing to mark my paces and understanding that everything is going to be okay. Most importantly not giving up on hope.

2020 will be better. It’s our chance to start from ground “0”and I am glad to take the first step with all the people I love, including you.


With love ❤️,

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