Emmy Kasbit’s Spring/Summer 2020 Collection


While going through Emmys Kasbit’s page on Instagram, one of the brand’s major commendation was in it’s use of African culture as its main source of inspiration.

An interesting color of note is the bright orange color used in some pieces of Emmy Kasbit’s Spring/Summer 2020 Collection. Reminiscent of the rich bright earth color attributed to Ani and which may be found in mud houses in the Eastern part of Nigeria, Emmy Kasbit’s cultural reliance is made bold.

But for it’s Spring/Summer 2020 Collection, the unisex Nigerian brand delves into cultural celebrations. Titled “Of Joy and Celebrations”, the Collection was inspired by the Annual New Yam Festival held in Arochukwu, Abia State.

The collection is made from Akwete fabric (Akwete cloth is a unique hand woven textile produced in Igboland for which the town of Akwete in Abia state, South Eastern Nigeria is famous. The raw materials used in its production are wool, cotton, silk, raffia, cotton and the bark of certain trees (hemp)) and lace with culturally significant symbols woven into them using the best craftsmanship; for footwear, Emmys Kasbit collaborated with Nigerian footwear designer, Scar Luxury.



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