Spring/Summer 2020 with Nigeria’s Abiola Olusola

IMG_20200208_210519_768.JPGAbiola Olusola’s Spring/Summer 2020 is saying ‘I am going to shed all the pretence and be me’. The thin fabric with distressed hems, the use of clashing prints, the Adire fabrics and wooden earrings as accessories have a romantic feel and underlying appeal to African roots and culture.

The collection comprises of ready to wear pieces that I classify as ‘what you would normally wear’ and ‘what you have to really think about before wearing’, but I think that because of the connection each piece holds not just to design and beauty but culturally, Abiola Olusola’s collection is as ready for every day wear as it can be.

IMG_20200208_211332_406.JPGIMG_20200208_210530_691.JPGIMG_20200208_211321_172.JPGIMG_20200208_211253_284.JPGIMG_20200208_211304_693.JPGIMG_20200208_211116_599.JPGIMG_20200208_211146_765.JPGWith waist defining design details, ruching, cutouts and layering, the Collection is designed to appeal to new age fashion lovers.


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