The Pure Collection by Pink Fleur is Ashoebi, Office Boss and Cool Casuals


Three in one is what we call this collection. Ashoebi and Igba Nkwu (Owambe read), power boss and cool tees and distressed jean vibes make Pink Fleur’s PURE Collection one worth checking out.

IMG_20200217_195727_628.JPGIMG_20200217_195708_113.JPGIMG_20200217_200158_230.JPGIMG_20200217_195827_045.JPGIMG_20200217_195913_844.JPGIMG_20200217_195839_473.JPGIMG_20200217_195902_759.JPGWith cool and warm colors, breezy ensembles and details designed to flatter all the lines and curves of your body, the brand washed their hands wella for this collection. The appeal for me is that the collection has pieces that are made to suit this mad hot weather while staying on top of your fashion game.

IMG_20200217_195647_448.JPGIMG_20200217_195657_703.JPGIMG_20200217_195637_313.JPGIMG_20200217_200137_721.JPGIMG_20200217_195628_203.JPGIMG_20200217_195753_598.JPGIMG_20200217_195815_157.JPGIMG_20200217_195951_164.JPGIMG_20200217_195926_386.JPGIMG_20200217_195939_742.JPGIMG_20200217_195742_342.JPGIMG_20200217_195852_444.JPGIMG_20200217_200126_380.JPGIMG_20200217_200117_213.JPGIMG_20200217_200148_179.JPGFrom the bat wing sleeves to the tiered ruffle dress, the Pure Collection is designed to remind us of all the many reasons we love Pink Fleur.

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