Canada’s Hair Freeze Contest You Have Not Heard About

IMG_20200406_212709_122.JPGThanks to @magicallynews post on Canada’s Annual Hair Freezing Contest, I discovered the hair contest hosted by Takhini Hot Springs located at Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.
@magicallynews describes the photos as “the laughs you need to stay positive”.

IMG_20200406_213010_946.JPGIMG_20200406_212935_631.JPGIMG_20200406_212947_239.JPGIMG_20200406_212746_493.JPGIMG_20200406_212901_103.JPGIMG_20200406_212720_181.JPGIMG_20200406_212735_282.JPGIMG_20200406_212848_953.JPGIMG_20200406_212910_516.JPGIMG_20200406_212925_548.JPGIMG_20200406_212836_658.JPGIMG_20200406_212959_236.JPGPeople are able to achieve these incredible hairdos by dipping their hair in the 40°C Takhini Hot Springs and letting them freeze in the chilly air above.

Have you visited the Takhini before, tell us about your #freezehaircontest?

These images do not belong to Belijose’s Fashion Hauz. 

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