Canada’s Hair Freeze Contest You Have Not Heard About

IMG_20200406_212709_122.JPGThanks to @magicallynews post on Canada’s Annual Hair Freezing Contest, I discovered the hair contest hosted by Takhini Hot Springs located at Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.
@magicallynews describes the photos as “the laughs you need to stay positive”.

IMG_20200406_213010_946.JPGIMG_20200406_212935_631.JPGIMG_20200406_212947_239.JPGIMG_20200406_212746_493.JPGIMG_20200406_212901_103.JPGIMG_20200406_212720_181.JPGIMG_20200406_212735_282.JPGIMG_20200406_212848_953.JPGIMG_20200406_212910_516.JPGIMG_20200406_212925_548.JPGIMG_20200406_212836_658.JPGIMG_20200406_212959_236.JPGPeople are able to achieve these incredible hairdos by dipping their hair in the 40ยฐC Takhini Hot Springs and letting them freeze in the chilly air above.

Have you visited the Takhini before, tell us about your #freezehaircontest?

These images do not belong to Belijose’s Fashion Hauz.ย 

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