Sitting In Your Closet And Gathering Dust? How To Rewear That Cloth


There are items in your closet that are shelved to the wall gathering dust, boxes pushed so far inside you hardly remember you own them. That orange gown you wore as a bridesmaid or the pink shoe with colored rhinestones that goes with only ‘the one dress’. We all have those items we wish we could wear on a daily instead of just once, and I find that these one-off items are mostly related to special occasions like weddings.

Recycling and promoting sustainability has become not just a big word in fashion but also a conscious effort.

But where your aim is not to promote sustainability, you have no sewing skills to upturn that dress and no intention of letting go just yet, what do you do?

Be inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge
The Duchess of Cambridge has the best rewear skills we have ever seen. Her skills are so good that she rewore a Carolina Herrera coatdress three times.


Take advantage of that blazer, scarf or comfy cardigan to rewear a bridesmaid dress


Make better choices when shopping for clothing and accessories


Visit Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram for styling inspo

Be courageous, rock that look!


These images do not do belong to Belijose’s Fashion Hauz.

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