Re-strategizing Fashion During COVID-19 – 2020s Digital Runway

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Due to the COVID-19 Virus, the world as we knew it has been drastically changed. From the necessity of staying at home to keep everyone and our loved ones safe, to rediscovering how to effectively balance all daily activities from our homes and more, the virus has virtually affected everything.

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IMG_20200424_005819_492.JPGIn response to keeping safe and protecting oneself, the world of fashion is also trying to create balance at this time. Fashion brands like Christian Siriano, Louis Vuitton began producing face masks in their hundreds; shopping at physical stores took a hit as a result of the lock down enforced across many countries, but thanks to online stores however customers can receive service online; with the quarantine in force, photoshoots are nearly off the table for some people causing US Vogue to release a no-celebrity cover for its June/July 2020 Special Edition (its first still cover in 50 years: the cover features a single red rose against a white background).

IMG_20200424_005735_139.JPGAs at April 21st, the British Fashion Council announced that there would be a digitalized London Fashion Week in June this year.

IMG_20200424_005801_785.JPGA first of its kind and a brave response to the COVID-19 crises, the London Fashion Week 2020 will showcase Men and Women Fashion on a single platform and will also be open to a global audience, offering everything from webinars to interviews, podcasts, digital showrooms and so much more.


So what are you doing differently this period?

These images do not belong to Belijose’s Fashion Hauz.


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