TONGORO – the Africa Day 2020 Collection

Why do I like Tongoro?

I think that TONGORO does things differently in a way that is very visible and marked.

IMG_20200522_221719_289.JPG‘Has this been done before, if so how do we do it differently? How do we create something new from this or how do we get a fresh look?’ I may not know the brand on a personal level but I think these questions are on the forefront of each collection.

TONGORO keeps channeling a distinct uniqueness to each piece of clothing; it may not be new but it is markedly different from what you know.

IMG_20200522_221847_052.JPGIMG_20200522_221834_798.JPGIMG_20200522_221732_258.JPGIt’s Africa Day 2020 Collection is free, fresh, sexy and edgy. It has a sense of swag you immediately feel a connection to (thanks to the model @anaisdamessi who wears them like a rock star), whether lekpa shande (slim) or BBB (big, bold, beautiful).

IMG_20200522_221742_015.JPGIMG_20200522_221815_297.JPGIMG_20200522_221753_425.JPGIMG_20200522_221804_916.JPGI like to see that perspex was reworked from its known form fitting style to a flowing pleated long skirt with side pockets.
The collection will be available from the 25th of May, 2020 only on


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