How African Fashion is beating the COVID-19 lock down

Hallway is the new Runway, Virtual Shows are the new Fashion Shows

wp-1590447859494.jpgWith the lock down across many countries, staying in touch with consumers, customers, stakeholders and the fashion world in general has been a challenge for many in the African fashion scene. The COVID-19 pandemic and its halting effects brings to mind the debate on the relevance of CGI models. Interestingly and commendably as some may say, there is little reliance on CGI at the moment, with most brands focused on safety and health instead of big bucks.

Senegalese fashion brand Tongoro for its 4th fashion release, promoted Hallway is the new Runway with emphasis on measures put in place to curb COVID-19.

Congolese fashion brand Hanifa hosted a virtual reality fashion show, Pink Label Congo. The show is currently making waves as being innovative and fresh. While ensuring that it’s women do not indeed have limits this period, the brand also shed light on its native country, Congo.

Hanifa Official

For the acclaimed Lagos Fashion Week partnered with Heineken Nigeria, the sponsors have been pretty busy at ensuring the audience stay tuned. From the laudable Heineken Design Contest 2020, to online docu series and conversations, Lagos Fashion Week is ensuring that fashion enthusiasts are as much as possible involved with fashion, design and style during this time.

What are you doing fashion and style wise to stay busy in the lock down?

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