Sima Brew releases ‘The Utopian Collection’


Sima Brew’s new bridal collection ‘The Utopian Collection’ has been described as dreamy by fashion enthusiasts and bloggers; but aren’t they all?

wp-1590654985193.jpgwp-1590654985150.jpgwp-1590654982639.jpgwp-1590654984597.jpgwp-1590654984650.jpgwp-1590654982096.jpgwp-1590608134362.jpgwp-1590654982183.jpgThe Ghanaian fashion brand has constantly released collections that bring the best bridal fantasies to life, and not only that the ease of re-wearing each piece as a second wedding dress, an owambe party dress or a stunning red carpet dress has always been the brand’s appeal.

wp-1590654984818.jpgwp-1590654984761.jpgwp-1590654985335.jpgwp-1590654985285.jpgwp-1590654985237.jpgwp-1590654984964.jpgwp-1590654982416.jpgwp-1590654982476.jpgwp-1590654982296.jpgWith this collection, Sima Brew in line with promoting African fabrics mixes African prints with satin, lace and chiffon, decorated with appliques, sequins, beading and embroidery.
The most spectacular piece is the fanned out mermaid skirt flowing from an ivory sheathed dress with illusion neckline.

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