Brave? How To Shape Your Eyebrow With A Razor Blade


Do you remember when you first shaped your eyebrows?

For a long time, I just brushed my brows, shaped it with the edge of the brush and held it together with white hair gel.
I was made to ‘carve’ shape my brow for the first time by my twinee; the girl was relentless and eventually I gave in to an appointment at a beauty salon. I loved the new look, but looking back I would not have gone along with it.


Since then I have done my eyebrow myself using a shaving bic, sometimes to great results other times I wish I had a scarf.
Among the tools for defining and shaping eyebrows, I have learnt that shaving bics are like the lowest on the ladder of unconventional tools, with razor blades ranking a lot higher.

I found this video How To Shape Your Eyebrows With A Razor Blade by Zoe Allamby, quite useful for a beginner. So I decided to ditch my fear and try climbing the ladder by trying a razor blade. Thank God for spirit, because I kept nicking my face and had no visible result.

What do you use for your eyebrows and how neat are the results?

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