My Knitwear Favorites From JLuxe Label


Anytime I see a JLuxe ensemble, I think luxurious, comfortable and awesomely chic. Because it has come to be a cult staple for sexy and because it has been worn by plenty international celeb names I thought this is way above my pay grade.

Today I saw this lovely lilac blue knit offshoulder dress (I have a thing for knitwear) and so decided to check out what the brand has in terms of knitwear, and they do have a lot.

JLuxe provides a range of options for everyone; from swimsuits, to tops, skirts, blouses and dresses, I particularly love that they are super comfortable, stretchy, breathable and are in different sizes.

The brand is currently promoting the BODYBASIX by JLuxe Label, a fabric that it says to have supportive compression, is thick, smooth and very soft. JLuxe also recently dropped new releases.
These are my knitwear favorites from the brand.


Ameri cable knit dress 
Jaslyn Sweater in grey color 


Belinda dress 


Aleksa Cable knit Pullover 

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