6 Sustainable innovations of textile alternatives you should know

Did you know sour milk is an alternative to cotton?

This post by Style Green with Dee is the latest scoop on sustainable fashion; you should read it.

Style Green With Dee

With the growing environmental crisis, textile designers and innovators are coming up with new ideas and experimenting new ways to create environmental friendly fibers and textiles. It has become a need more than ever before, for understanding what actions harm the Eco system and the ways to proscribe that. Finding and making the use of the alternatives is one of the solutions.

The good news is, there are many alternatives out there and though not all may be suitable for large-scale production, the versatility of natural materials is just mind boggling. Thus, the list of alternative textile materials reads like an exotic shopping list – milk, banana, pineapples, apple peel, soya bean, coconuts and lotus stems, to name a few.

Cotton alternatives: Bamboo and Sour milk


Bamboo has positioned itself as a strong sustainable alternative to cotton. Cotton, in one hand, has drawbacks like over-consumption of water and chemical…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging my blog. I am so glad you found it informative. It’s high time we share our knowledge of sustainable fashion and together, bring the change in the industry and society.


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