Fashion Illustrators in Africa.

A few weeks ago, Fashion Illustration Africa organized its first Runway Illustration Challenge. It gave us the chance to see the many fashion illustration talents from all parts of Africa.

The illustrations were wild, incredible and unique. What I love about illustrations is how there are so many different ways to contort the muse and the extra room to be creative.

Fashion Illustration Africa has only been on for not so long but we love what they are doing. The page champions creativity and provides a platform for designers and Illustrators to showcase their creations.

Here’s a look at some illustrators who have graced the platform.
Victor Ajibola won the Runway Illustration Challenge. His work is not new here as we have shown some of them on Belijose’s Fashion Hauz. About – Fashion Illustrator, Victory Ajibola

Manna Davies Studio‘s illustration of Style Temple’s Lagos Fashion Week 2019 runaway was a beautiful interpretation of how much room fashion illustration gives you to mold and remake.

Croqui _ IT is more about the attitude. The Illustrators models wear each piece of clothing with amazing confidence.

One of Phoebe A. Ouma‘s illustration is a lady wearing an African styled dress sitting in the front row of Runway show next to Anna Wintour. Possibilities.

Harry Dunkwu‘s creations makes us wonder why we do not yet have a Disney or Pixar African animated content. His illustrations contain fashion inspirations from cultures across Africa.

Okhai Akhigbe (Lean Kid)‘s works are so real, you would think they are pictures.

Yega Illustrations is one of African illustrators with a long list of international fashion clients.

Earl Davies models are thick, slender and live in a magical world.

Papa Oppong‘s masked models are different from the slender, contoured faces we see on fashion illustration muses. It puts an eye catching, interesting personality on his work.

Fashion Illustration Africa is the reason all these came together. The platform has its own unique content created by Fashion Illustration Studio.

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