Spring/Summer 2021 Collection: Chimmy & Co.

Chimmy & Co’s 2021 Spring/Summer Collection has the strappings of a soon to be celebrity favorite. The fast rising ethical fashion brand is carving its way into the ‘hit fashion brand’ list in Nigeria.

Its latest offering, a collection of bold colors and lavish design details are upbeat and stylish, details that define modern day wear.
β€œOur pieces are made to make a statement for itself: to be confident,” the Creative Director Chimmuanya Ijezie tells fashion blog, Ono Bello. He adds, β€œWe are passionate about the need for creativity, expressiveness, confidence, uniqueness and vocalness in what you wear and this is all what Chimmy & Co. is about. Empowering you to live freely and be the true you without limitation, a true afro-modernist.”

From a beautiful baby pink suit short, a color favorite to many, to a lovely bell bottom pant in dark green, the collection like the brand says, makes a statement for itself.

I would have loved to see more designs for females as I think the collection tilted more towards designs for male clothing. However if you are one to raid your man’s closet, here are a few male pieces from the collection that you can find to spice up your look.

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