Hijab + Hat: A trend We Are Incorporating Into Our Style This Year

For some strange weather knows best reasons, we are not having the usual windy, cold harmattan in Nigeria this year. It is hot and dry. For the fashion conscious who prepared scarfs to protect the hair from the windy cold season and have hats for the sun’s intense heat come February, it is not all to naught.

Modest fashion has the best untapped style. By this, I mean that there are so many classics on modest fashion that are yet to hit the streets, so having a unique, stand out style is 💯 guaranteed.

And so I bring you the hijab hat trend that is so cool and beautifully brings together accessories you already have in your closet: a scarf and a hat.

This post is inspired by @hijabfashion, a source for some of the cool styles here. And yes we also have a cool video to accompany this post. Stay stylish!

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