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All deep things are Song. It seems, somehow, the very central essence of us, Song; as if all the rest were wrappages and hulls! the primal element of us; of us, and all things. —Thomas Carlyle. This image does not belong to Belijose's Fashion Hauz.


Karl Lagerfeld

My first designer was Karl Lagerfeld. I didn't meet him; I knew his designs and some of his works with Chanel, H&M and his eponymous fashion brands. His name, platinum white ponytail, spotless 4 inches white collar, biker gloves and sunglasses are unforgettable. He was the King of fashion and his classic look and style… Continue reading Karl Lagerfeld

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The Lotus Collection by Nigerian Designer Yutee Rone

Yutee Rone's Lotus Collection draws inspiration from the Lotus flower. A sacred symbol for many cultures, the beauty and essence of the Lotus is captured in the clean lines, structure and detail of Yutee Rone's collection. In paying homage to the sacred flower, the designer embodies the Lotus characteristics into the collection. The flower appears… Continue reading The Lotus Collection by Nigerian Designer Yutee Rone

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Aloz Fabtory – The Naissance Collection

The Naissance Collection is Aloz Fabtory's debut collection. It debuted on 11th February 2019 and yes, it met our expectations. The collection is a mixture of bold and soft colors. It presents elegant pieces of structure and design filled with cut outs, layered fabrics, pleats, peplums, bows, floral appliqués and lace details. From the Alami… Continue reading Aloz Fabtory – The Naissance Collection

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The Naissance and The Lotus

Today I have two collections for you from Nigerian designers; The NAISSANCE by Aloz Fabtory and Yutee Rone's Lotus Collection. A better part of my day is spent usually on Instagram looking for new designs from African designers. It's a wonderful feeling when I do. This two collections are elegant and yes, beautiful. I find… Continue reading The Naissance and The Lotus

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Lesotho Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019

Lesotho Fashion Week will take place on the 3rd to 5th of May, 2019 at the Mpilo Boutique Hotel, Maseru Lesotho. The event will showcase Spring/Summer 2019 collections for men and women by designers from all over the world. Lesotho Fashion Week was launched in November, 2018. The event provides designers a global platform to… Continue reading Lesotho Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019


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"What are we" A question that can begin a spark of fruitful romance Or A torch that can bring the damnation.-- the wrecked ship of nothingness.. that you are in.. to light. –—Chinyere Ugwoke. This image does not belong to Belijose's Fashion Hauz.