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Fashion Discoveries: Inocencia Bucket Bag

The Inocencia Bucket Bag is a beautifully crafted bucket bag made from Macrame yarn and Crochet thread carefully and delicately woven by Colombian women. Designed and made by Noi Stores, a Houston, Texas based fashion store, the bucket bag is in a line of carefully hand crafted crochet bags that includes, the Guaimaral bag, the… Continue reading Fashion Discoveries: Inocencia Bucket Bag

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About – Fashion Illustrator, Victory Ajibola

Before clothing are made wearable, they come alive in fashion books and illustrations. Victory Ajibola is a Nigerian fashion illustrator, creative consultant, and graphic designer. He sketches and designs beautiful, sassy and unique fashion ideas that are original and sometimes photos of celebrities in famous designer wears or streetstyle ideas. Some of his famous illustrations… Continue reading About – Fashion Illustrator, Victory Ajibola

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Mazelle Studio presents The Queen of the East Collection

Mazelle Studio is known for its unique and bold ensembles. The Nigerian based fashion brand's distinctive style, use of embellishments are features that separate the brand from most. Here, the brand takes it's inspiration from the culture of Eastern Nigeria, while adding the signature pomp and flair of a typical Mazelle Studio piece and a… Continue reading Mazelle Studio presents The Queen of the East Collection

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IAMISIGO Autumn/Winter 2019

In this Autumn/Winter 2019 collection titled "Cotton is Queen", fashion label IAMISIGO explores the relationship between spirituality and the power of textiles and design. The collection is inspired by the East African legend of Queen Nyabingi, who was revered as a powerful ancestor in East Africa and who spoke through priestesses called Bagirwa. According to… Continue reading IAMISIGO Autumn/Winter 2019

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Color My Day In ARISAR

Its been raining since yesterday, and everywhere is bleak and wet. Coupled with the monotony of my work, it is as cheerless as you can imagine. When I first saw ARISAR's color-explosive, new line of maxi and mini kaftans, I felt like the sun was at my window saying "You are welcome to Yankari Game… Continue reading Color My Day In ARISAR


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Of course, it was not easy at first to fly. The speech wings were weak and broken; nothing was left save the impulse to fly, but that was something. One can never consent to creep when one has an impulse to soar. There are so many difficulties in the way, so many discouragements; but I… Continue reading Thoughts 💭


Thoughts 💭

All the world cries, “Where is the man who will save us?” Don’t look so far for this man, you have him at hand. This man—it is you, it is I, it is each one of us! How to constitute oneself a man? Nothing harder if one knows not how to will it; nothing easier… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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The July 2019 issue of British Vogue hits newsstands today. It's cover star is Zoë Kravitz. With an amazing career in Hollywood and an exceptional fashion and style sense, Zoë Kravitz on the July cover of British Vogue is one issue you don't want to miss. In this issue, Zoë Kravitz chats her childhood, upcoming… Continue reading Zoë Kravitz ON TOP OF THE WORLD