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Aphia Sakyi’s Embrace A/S 2018 Collection

Aphia Sakyi is a renowned Ghanaian jewellery designer with a bold African inspired accessory brand. Aphia Sakyi uses beads, buttons and pieces of African prints for her works including rare statement pieces. The Embrace A/S 2018 Collection is as raw and true as the African pride story with the brand drawing inspiration from African cultures… Continue reading Aphia Sakyi’s Embrace A/S 2018 Collection


The Coloraturade Jewelry Collection by Cartier

Shortly after releasing the PanthèredeCartier and CactusdeCartier collection, Cartier has released another high-jewelry, high-quality masterpiece the Coloraturade Jewelry Collection. With a blend of chrysoberyls, rubellites, tourmalines, the Coloraturade "celebrates virtuoso voices and their echo around the world in a sensorial exploration of color." The magnificent collection of necklaces, wristwatch embedded bracelet and finger rings is… Continue reading The Coloraturade Jewelry Collection by Cartier

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Puma’s New Bow-Topped Backpack

Puma recently released its latest backpack addition, only this time, Puma's backpack comes with a giant bow. For bag lovers, Puma's new bow-topped backpacks come in suede with different unique design details for each. There's the 'White Whisperer' and 'Black', which have patent leather on the outside, the 'Time Archive' backpack smaller in size but… Continue reading Puma’s New Bow-Topped Backpack

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Resort 2019 New York Collection: Camilla and Marc

This collection was exhibited last month in Australia by fashion brand Camilla and Marc. It marked the brand's return to Australia, with the set including an Australian outback. The Resort 2019 New York Collection by Camilla and Marc is edgy and on trend: turtle necks, leather, fringe and boxy jackets give the collection a tough… Continue reading Resort 2019 New York Collection: Camilla and Marc

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Animal Instinct: The Serpentine Jewelry Collection by Bulgari

Dubbed 'the jewelry of choice for dangerous minds', Bulgari's Serpentine Jewelry Collection is an assortment of sparklers and a precise attention to details. The collection which comprises of wristwatches, finger rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces is according to the Italian luxury brand, "daring, dangerous and dazzling". Bulgari is long known for its combination for… Continue reading Animal Instinct: The Serpentine Jewelry Collection by Bulgari

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Cool Nail Art Inspirations

Chapped, dry nails 😶, not a word here because my nails sometimes fall into those categories. However, we all know how important it is to have clean, healthy nails but while talking about clean and healthy nails these nails from Pinterest have beautiful and glam added to them also. They are gorgeous and beautiful nails,… Continue reading Cool Nail Art Inspirations

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PanthèredeCartier and CactusdeCartier

Anabelle Wallis and Mariacarla Boscono modeled this new collection from Cartier with inspiration drawn from the wild cactus and the animal, panther. I believe this collection was designed to speak to the fierceness, strength, agility and wildness of the plant and animal represented in the collection. The collection features stunning craftmanship, artistry and beauty which… Continue reading PanthèredeCartier and CactusdeCartier