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House of Borah presents its new fashion collection EMOTIONs

Photographed by Wide Angle Pixels and modeled by Nma (@_melanie_) and Anjel (@peggyanjel), the fashion collection EMOTIONs is classy and special. Beginning with the ARDOUR piece - a one-sleeve dark blue dress with assymetrical ruffled hems, House of Borah presents us with the diverse feelings that birthed the collection. The ARDOUR represents the strength that… Continue reading House of Borah presents its new fashion collection EMOTIONs

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Inspired by Mozambican Women – Mandevo

Designer Taibo Bacar traded its signature sleek, sophisticated designs for homey, comfortable, simple and refined in its latest collection, Mandevo. The collection is inspired by Mozambique women especially the women of Southern Mozambique who dwell in the villages. Consisting of knitted cardigans with matching pants, denim jeans, tops and hats, Taibo Bacar mixes cultural elements… Continue reading Inspired by Mozambican Women – Mandevo

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Harper’s Bazaar May 2019 Issue

I remember Rihanna channeling Amelia Earhart in the 2017 March edition of Harper's Bazaar. Her other magazine covers before and after that, are as memorable, colorful and have the superstar stamp like the 2017 cover. From her cover on W Magazine's September 2016 Issue as a bejeweled powerful queen to her grey haired superheroine look… Continue reading Harper’s Bazaar May 2019 Issue

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Look of the Day

I guess here at the blog, today is celebrity fashion photoday. As far as the line pink hair no problem goes, Katy Perry is serving major league hair and makeup goals. Styled by Jamie Mizrahi for the American Idol, the artist and American Idol judge wore her hair all pink with dark brown accents. Her… Continue reading Look of the Day

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Ini and her Powersuit

This photo of Ini Edo in a pastel blue pantsuit with large pink bubblegum inspired designs have been popping up in my Instagram feed and making the rounds on Nigerian social and fashion blogs since yesterday. With the poor network connection here, I haven't been able to look at it properly until a few hours… Continue reading Ini and her Powersuit

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Ghana Must Go Bags – A History in Perseverance

Instead of "outrage", most people got a healthy laugh when they heard about Louis Vuitton's $300 Chequered bags aka Ghana Must Go Bags. Sold in Nigeria for between N250 to N900 depending on the size, $300 (approximately N109, 500.00) for the small size version of the bag seemed a whole Ghana Must Go full of… Continue reading Ghana Must Go Bags – A History in Perseverance

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The Breakaway Collection

The Breakaway Collection is Lady Biba's latest collection designed specially for the Easter celebration. With the Lady Bosses in mind, Lady Biba's new collection comes in sets with brilliant floral designs and bright colors. The collection is simple and stylish with kimono wrap sets, maxi skirts, tribeca blouses, capri sets, crop bustiers, jackets and flared… Continue reading The Breakaway Collection

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New Ins – V.O.L.U.M.E.

I like this new releases because it evokes a sense of ease and simplicity. There's not much work to do in terms of accessories and designs. The richness of each piece in terms of design, color and style will cover for a lack of jewelry. I also love that it offers a lot of choices… Continue reading New Ins – V.O.L.U.M.E.

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At Sundown, the Festivities Begin

Using four brand new floral and geometric Dutch Wax designs, African textile designer and manufacturer Vlisco collaborated with Nigerian fashion and bridal clothing brand, Hudayya to release a campaign collection for the coming Ramadan festivities. Drawing from a rich array of colors, design inspiration and tradition, the duo created a veritable modest wear collection for… Continue reading At Sundown, the Festivities Begin

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Wanna Sambo: The Modern Woman

Yesterday I found Wanna Sambo's latest fashion campaign, titled "The Modern Woman". Wana Sambo is an eponymous clothing and fashion brand owned by Nigerian fashion designer, Wana Sambo. Wana Sambo's clothing are known for its beautiful representations of bold feminity and power. Since it's launch in 2010, the clothing brand has provided sophisticated, elegant look… Continue reading Wanna Sambo: The Modern Woman