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Fashion Discoveries: Fendi’s Ultra Chic Utility Belt

From the brand's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection comes this beautiful carry on accessory - a utility belt. It comes in a range of beautiful colors, tangerine, optic white, denim, sand and aside two pouches marked 'PHONE' and 'OTHER' it has room for more items like your keys. The Fendi utility belt also comes paired with a… Continue reading Fashion Discoveries: Fendi’s Ultra Chic Utility Belt

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Louboutin’s Red Bottom Soles

In October, this year, Business Insider's Emma Fierberg ran an interesting documentary on Louboutin's red bottom soles. Not many people know that the famous red bottom soles was inspired by an Louboutin employee's red nail coat. I didn't know myself. Aside being one of footwear's most iconic soles, Louboutin's red bottom heels cost quite a… Continue reading Louboutin’s Red Bottom Soles

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Google+ post by Maritza Lisa

This is an easy to-do craft. It doesn't take much as we can see from lifestyle blog, Honestly WTF 's list: You can change Nos. 2 and 3 with colorful beads, buttons or any other available item that catches your fancy. This is Honestly WTF' s easy tutorial on how to transform your straw basket… Continue reading Google+ post by Maritza Lisa

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D’Luxe Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

The Urban Cruise Collection is D'Luxe Haute Couture's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection. D'Luxe latest Spring/Summer 2019 Collection offering includes bold colors, elegant cuts, clean lines, stripes, deconstruction and layering. An elegant, clean look for every woman, the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection tells the story of women who are bold, have elegant confidence and are versatile with their… Continue reading D’Luxe Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

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Fashion Discoveries: #srMilano Sequined Booties

What would you wear on your feet if you had the chance to walk in your most favorite, beautiful place in the world? Sergio Rossi's sequined boots is our fashion discovery for the week. The #srMilano is all about embracing with different styles, designs, sizes and colors, and among its vast collection of beautiful, glamorous… Continue reading Fashion Discoveries: #srMilano Sequined Booties

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Vogue Australia December 2018 Issue

With Australian supermodel, Adut Akech Bior as the cover star of Vogue Australia's December Issue, you can be sure the issue will be as entertaining and vivacious as the tall, dark skinned model. Centering on family and friendship, Adut Akech takes us home this Christmas to where it all began. The shoot includes shots of… Continue reading Vogue Australia December 2018 Issue

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Luxury Vintage With A Twist

Mazelle is a Nigerian based women's wear luxury brand making its mark in Nigeria and across Africa. With its clothings designed and manufactured in Nigeria, the brand's latest pieces titled Nostalgic Summer 2018 take on a life of their own offering uniqueness and vivacity. According to the brand's Instagram page, Nostalgic Summer 2018 is an… Continue reading Luxury Vintage With A Twist