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The Movement of Modern Whimsical Romance

It's my first time of hearing about DivaLukky. The Nigerian bespoke/bridal fashion brand, has been around for a long time (since 2013) and enjoys huge success among its clientele. Looking back, I have missed a lot and I am impressed with the brand's designs over the years. Recently, the brand released a new collection called… Continue reading The Movement of Modern Whimsical Romance

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Dear George

"Dear George"  is Ituen Basi's collection presented at the Arise Fashion Week 2019. Unlike the affectionate title given to this collection, the collection is anything but that. It speaks of colors, style, affirmations of self independence, self worth, positivity and financial freedom. The collection which comprises khaki inspired puffy jackets, knitted skirts, sheer blouses and… Continue reading Dear George

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87 Origins

87 Origins is a Nigerian contemporary fashion brand based in Lagos, Nigeria. The brand offers women and men's wear in what it describes as "understated and modern". 87 Origins celebrated its 3rd anniversary yesterday and in anticipation of the event released a series of fashion pieces for its female and male customers. This new release… Continue reading 87 Origins

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From Catwalk to Work Wear: 5 Designers from the 2019 Arise Fashion Week 2019 we are coveting

There’s no end to the list of style and fashion ideas for casual wear. In fact, there are no rules.  When it comes to work wear however, it's a little bit tricky navigating from professional dress codes, general work wear codes and your free spirited, innovative style sense. So, for this we sometimes need a… Continue reading From Catwalk to Work Wear: 5 Designers from the 2019 Arise Fashion Week 2019 we are coveting

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Autumn/Winter 2019 – Nkwo

At the just concluded Arise Fashion Week 2019, artisanal fashion label, Nkwo, presented its Autumn/Winter 2019 Fashion Collection. Unlike the sleek designs we saw from most designers who showcased at the event, Nkwo's fashion collection was a jumble of different pieces of fabric. It was interesting and I really liked it because it was different.… Continue reading Autumn/Winter 2019 – Nkwo

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The Breakaway Collection

The Breakaway Collection is Lady Biba's latest collection designed specially for the Easter celebration. With the Lady Bosses in mind, Lady Biba's new collection comes in sets with brilliant floral designs and bright colors. The collection is simple and stylish with kimono wrap sets, maxi skirts, tribeca blouses, capri sets, crop bustiers, jackets and flared… Continue reading The Breakaway Collection

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At Sundown, the Festivities Begin

Using four brand new floral and geometric Dutch Wax designs, African textile designer and manufacturer Vlisco collaborated with Nigerian fashion and bridal clothing brand, Hudayya to release a campaign collection for the coming Ramadan festivities. Drawing from a rich array of colors, design inspiration and tradition, the duo created a veritable modest wear collection for… Continue reading At Sundown, the Festivities Begin

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In this collection, purity is represented by the color white. For the brand, Purity is however more than a particular color. In Nalè's words: "Purity is the ability to recognize the essential nature of any form. It is the ability to distill any error that has been attached to a form whether the error is… Continue reading Nalè’s PURITY

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Autumn/Winter 2019: Winnie Ahupa

I got a couple of follows on Instagram, among them was a Nigerian women's wear clothing brand, Winnie Ahupa. Thankfully when I had the chance to follow back, the network connection was going through. I went through Winnie Ahupa's Instagram page and discovered the fashion brand had released excerpts from their new Autumn/Winter collection.  Inspired… Continue reading Autumn/Winter 2019: Winnie Ahupa

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The Woora Woman’s Latest Arrivals

The Woora Woman provides a set of elegant, unique day wear for work and events. A collection of more than 20 pieces including frill skirts, champagne gold dresses, sheer lace applique blouses, Maxi gowns and sequined skirts, Woora Woman ensures that you are not out of choices. The designs are sophisticated, with color options that… Continue reading The Woora Woman’s Latest Arrivals