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MAJU is a women's fashion brand and online clothing store that offers luxury, trendy women's wear. The clothing brand teamed up with Anaere Daniella and Hillz Ese Amros of Beth Model Management, to promote its new releases in a fun editorial. The new release include the Zazie shirt dresses complete with flared long sleeves and… Continue reading Shop MAJU

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Inside Out Jeans – a Trend or a Stretch?

The latest design to hit the jeans world is the Inside Out jeans. Sold by fashion retail brand Boohoo at £16.72 (N7, 758), the inside out jeans are designed to look inside out with reverse mid-rise visible stitching, lining and two pouches were the waist and hip pockets usually are. In fact, the jeans look… Continue reading Inside Out Jeans – a Trend or a Stretch?

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Spring 2019 Ready to Wear Collection – Esteban Cortazar

Play back ▶ to 2017, when night wear was day wear. Esteban Coartearz brings back the chart topping trends from last year to 2019 in beige, nude colored sleep jackets, pyjamas tops and bottoms, and lingerie. With models sashaying the runway in these ensembles, the designer completes the night - day time look with matching… Continue reading Spring 2019 Ready to Wear Collection – Esteban Cortazar

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A Summer at Barnsdall

A Summer at Barnsdall was designed by Maegan Stracy, a Kansas city multimedia artist and fashion designer. A Summer at Barnsdall uses a variety of manipulated textures and mark-making techniques to reflect the relaxed yet complex and layered nature of Los Angeles in summertime. The collection is more art than wearable clothing with features like… Continue reading A Summer at Barnsdall

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“Sculpture Makeups”.

"Sculpture Makeups". The latest "beauty trend" that I hope doesn't take on is the sculpture makeup, origin China. The sculpture makeup let's you alter your facial features such as the nose, chin, cheekbone, forehead and jawline using fitted sculpted prosthetics and by taping them. Using faux eyelashes, prosthetic parts and by taping some others, these… Continue reading “Sculpture Makeups”.

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Lip Powders – an innovation or a ‘has been’?

Lip Powders - an innovation or a 'has been'? And then there is the lip powder. Once upon a time, glossed lips were the "in thing" for lip cosmetics and beauty, and then came matte lipsticks but before matte lipsticks and Kylie Cosmetics came into being we achieved the matte lips using baby powder which… Continue reading Lip Powders – an innovation or a ‘has been’?

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2018 Summer Collabo with SGTC Clothing

SGTC Clothing has used a fun and creative way to introduce it's new clothing to the general public. There's no set of rules for the photo shoots: different models, different photographers, different locations but SGTC Clothing. The Nigerian fashion label collaborated with some notable African style, fashion and lifestyle bloggers to showcase the stunning pieces.… Continue reading 2018 Summer Collabo with SGTC Clothing

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RHB Style’s New Collection

For an easy on the go yet stylish look, RHB Style has in its new collection curated easy, stylish ensembles for day wear. This collection comprises edgy, feminine silhouettes, structured details and luxurious style. RHB Style fashionably paired each piece from the collection with trendy footwears; shift dresses with sneakers, pants with mules and slingbacks… Continue reading RHB Style’s New Collection

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Rekana Collection

Rekana Collection is a new ready to wear clothing line from Nigeria's Sharon Ojong. It's a first from Sharon and I will say, very impressive. Rekana is easy easy and simple in a classy, refined way. It's bold cuts and designs is a nod to the forward outlook of Nigerian women to today's fashion. Imagine… Continue reading Rekana Collection

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Nouva Couture’s ‘Florasion’ Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

What draws you to a piece of cloth: the fabric, the design or style, or the thought of how it will fit your body? For me, I think it's more the fabrics. I love fabrics and that's what makes this collection so appealing to me. The Florasion Collection according to the designer, created to inspire… Continue reading Nouva Couture’s ‘Florasion’ Spring/Summer 2018 Collection